new car smell turns me on

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many years ago, a dio brando suddenly appeared…if you believe it! jotaro! jotaro! believe it! belieeeeeve it! here i am with star platinum! star platinum! he’s a stand. jotaro, i’m on my way! jotaro, i’ll be okay! getting ready to fight on set! come on best friends by my side! polnareff, is really cool! kakyoin, the beautiful!

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rohan with his stand, rohan

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please help me raise money to get DIO some new clothes. he’s been in this god-awful banana suit and he’s shown time and time again he cannot be trusted with choosing his own clothes, he was trapped under water for 100 years and because of this he has been overwhelmed by the fashion changes and he is struggling with his style choices


this is not even the worst of it. please help us this is life or death


Jonathan, Joseph, and Dio are British and probably refer to grilled cheese as cheese toasty and I’ve never been more infuriated in my life

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how could this happen to meee

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Lets talk about JOJO!

1: Do you have any birthmarks?
2: Are there any bands that you never knew about before you read JJBA?
3: If you had a stand, what would its power be?
4: Would you every reject your humanity?
5: Would you rather be a stand user or a master of the ripple?
6: Would you be a antagonist or protagonist?
7: If you could have any canon stand, which one would it be?
8: Do you have a dream Jojo cosplay you wish you could make?
9: Who would you say has the best looks in JJBA?
10: favorite part(s)?
11: How did you get into JJBA?
12: What do you think of Hirohiko Araki?
13: Most heart crushing moment (besides part 6 ending)?
14: Do you enjoy the videogames they've made based on the series?
15: What's character(s) is named after your favorite song(s)/band(s)?
16: How would describe the series to someone who has never read it before?
17: What would you say is one of the more bizarre things that has happened in the series?
18: Who's your favorite Jojo?
19: Who's your favorite sidekick/side character?
20: Who's your favorite villain?
21: What do you think would have happened if your favorite villain had won?
22: Is there one character death that you refuse to accept?
23: Least favorite character(s)?
24: Do you own any JJBA merchandise?
25: Any JJBA merchandise you wish you could have?


Don’t buy me jewelry buy me JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure figurines

in case anyone wanted to know what to get me for my birthday

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