made it through vento aureo bang list so all thats left is stone ocean

im so tired why is this so exhausting why did i agree to this


cat people: dogs are cool too
dog people: cats don’t feel love did you know a cat once MURDERED my MOTHER

ive been very slowly making it through my jojo bang list to complement the stand bang list and i just made it through 4 so next is vento aureo and im so„„„„„„„„, everyone is attractive why

community college tips


  • don’t talk to anybody 
  • don’t make eye contact
  • avoid the cafeteria because they will probably be doing a flash mob to current viral song
  • transfer
  • the guy who constantly tries to play devils advocate with the teacher  and sound philosophical whenever he speaks actually is failing the class but it doesn’t matter because grades doesn’t determine his self worth only upvotes matter


お母さんが#電話 をしてる時 ⚠️お母さんが電話してる時は静かに待とうね。〜 サム(´Д` )

When my mother is on the #phone  Wait quietly when your mother is on the phone. 〜 サム(´Д` )

Yes. Okay. Ah, please wait for a moment… I’M ON THE PHONE SHUT UP

Ah, yes, excuse me. 

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im here!!!!! i’ll kiss u!!!!! mwah

:o!! 8O!!

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everybody has that one fictional character that they irrationally adore above all others and will defend to the death and you just get super happy and excited whenever you see their face on your dash

jojos for the ship meme :y

oh ho

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hey why is nobody here and kissing me why is that not happening hmmMMMM



remember when 16 year old girls on here called david karp “daddy”

lol what do you mean 16

i am referring to the catch-all 16 year old girl [huge tw/nsfw/&c in link] but you know what youre right they were much younger than that and are probably only turning 16 now and actively obsessing over pasty british men and white guys with a little bit of stubble

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